Why buy from Cord Of Love?

There are plenty of reasons to shop from Cord Of Love, a made-in-India label . Cord of Love is one of those affordable sustainable fashion brands in India that wanted to encourage the next generation to think about sustainability from a young age and make eco-friendly decisions. It is a unique
sustainable kidswear brand that comprises a burgeoning repertoire of clothing for kids across genders and their mothers. The products are designed and manufactured under safe and environment-friendly conditions. It follows the tenets of ethical fashion
Cord of Love offers clothes for infants, kids and mothers woven with great love for the earth and its resources. It is inspired by the bond that exists between a mother and her child, along with the love for mother nature.
The fabric used is naturally-sourced and top-notch, the stitching techniques applied by the craftsmen are thoughtful. Kids tend to love it because the clothes are fun and wearable and the parents love it because the habit of dressing in sustainable kids clothing is one of the best gifts you can give your child